Project Management Software a People Pleaser

While project management software was developed to help a variety of different companies and businesses to improve how they handle their workload and their company’s overall efficiency there have been some proven cons to using this software.

The main thing to consider is that project management software does not work for everyone. If you are a small company that is not having any problems whatsoever in handling the amount of business and projects that are currently being completed then there really isn’t any point in getting project management software. After all, if there is nothing wrong with the process then what is there to improve upon? However if you find that business starts increasing and small details are slipping through the cracks in an effort to get everything completed on time then perhaps you should revisit the idea of purchasing project management software.

Viewing the Same Problem in a Different Light with Project Management Software

Another criticism about this is the fact that it eliminates the people factor. There are quite a few people that will see this as a bonus, although it may actually take away from the quality of a project. It is quite often the culmination of a variety of ideas that creates the best final version of a project. Not to say that one individual’s ideas are not sufficient to satisfy a client, just that people can view the same problem in a variety of different ways, and that there is no real wrong way, just different ones.

If you are concerned about this then consider pairing people up on a particular project that would benefit greatly from more than one person’s input and see what happens. You don’t necessarily need to meet in person, it can be done through email, chatting or texting or even using a program such as Skype.

No Stress, No Pressure

As a person in a supervisory role you should also not require everyone to use the project management software. If there is an individual, or individuals that are keeping up with everything just by using pen, paper and a word document then let them be. There is no point in adding pressure and stress to follow a company policy that is unnecessary for every individual. If you are looking to provide consistency then look at some other ways to achieve this rather than through a computer program that can easily be avoided or eliminated.

There are some programs out there that focus on details and areas that are only decipherable by those who have in depth knowledge of computer programming and project management software. Such things as these are often the cause of a slowing in productivity and missed deadlines. Software of any kind can only be helpful and not a hindrance if it is easily understood by all employees, even if it requires some degree of training first. Check around to see what people have to say about different programs to make sure that you are getting one that can be easily used by everyone in the office.