The Advantages of Task Management Software Functions on Project Management

The recent IT boom and the associated globalization of business have changed the way that projects are managed. Projects have generally become too complicated to warrant the use of traditional management techniques, with managers turning instead, to the use of various task management software.

Most modern PC based and web-based task management software has a vast array of functions designed to simplify all aspects of project management. Some of these functions involve the management of: the general project, resources, tasks, calendars and timesheets. Other functions in comparison allow for easier communication, document management and reporting.

Managing Projects with Task Management Software

General project management within management software is an application that permits the project manager to peruse all of their projects in detail. It also allows the manager to look inside particular projects and observe and control individual tasks, as well as general project settings. This is a function that is becoming increasingly important in current management software, as the days of manager managing single projects are almost over. Managers can now be faced with controlling numerous different international projects simultaneously, which basically makes the use of project software mandatory.

Much in the same fashion as the general project management application, the resource management application allows the manager to look inside their current projects and observe their available resources, one of the most valuable of these being personnel. It also provides large amounts of information regarding the resources (team members). The main objective of the resource management function is to maximize the utilization of these normally limited resources. This information stored can therefore be extremely helpful regarding a situation such as the allocation of the correct team member to the correct position. The manager can also monitor the work load on a particular resource using this function.

Managing Tasks

The management of tasks is one of the most important functions offered by management software. Traditionally managers used a checklist to do this however; this is no longer an option on complicated modern projects. The task management option provides a way for the project team to add, assign and keep track of tasks during a project. This minimizes team member confusion and consequently saves time and money. It also helps the manager to monitor progress and identify problems early.

The calendar and timesheet applications found in most task management software is extremely practical for managing and scheduling meetings, updating tasks and keeping track of hours worked. This takes less important day-to-day tasks such as scheduling meetings out of the hands of mangers, freeing up time. It also means that all members are aware of important up- coming events and are usually sent automatic reminders.

Functions of Management Software

Other functions of management software, such as communication, document management and reporting, are the applications that make international and virtual projects achievable. Lack of communication between collaborators is documented as one of the biggest issues regarding international projects. These functions however, provide options such as synchronous and asynchronous communication, total access to team documents and historical communications and the instant production of detailed reports, all of which promote close contact and exchange of ideas between team members.

In short it can be seen that task management software has the potential to significantly simplify most of the important aspects of project management. Increasing technological advances in these software packages are making it increasingly tempting for managers to rely on this software to handle the day-to-day administration issues. This in turn has the potential to produce more productive and well run projects.