Get the Most from the Day with Project Management Software

An essential tool that all companies should invest in is project management software so that they can get the most out of their employees and their work day. It is crucial for all those that seem to always have an overwhelming amount of work ahead of them and need some help getting it all organized to a manageable level. If you can see yourself in any or all of these situations than ProTasker project management software is an ideal product for your company.

Drag and Drop – So Easy

This project management software software allows you and your employees to create a workspace that is much easier to face every day, no matter what all has to get done. By dragging and dropping different projects and meetings into their appropriate spots your work day, as well as work week and month, can be sorted and categorized quickly and simply.

Not only that, but as a project manager you can get access to everyone’s projects so you can see how much progress they are making at any given time. If you work in a business where there is constantly numerous projects being dealt with by your staff at any given time then it is in your best interest to act quickly and purchase ProTasker to make sure nothing gets missed and everything gets completed in a timely fashion.

Tim or Jim, Who has the Smith Account?

Never worry about trying to remember if it was Tim or Jim working on the Smith account, just open up ProTasker and take a look. Not sure if your meeting with the Jones firm was on the 15th or 16th? Open up your calendar and take a peek. You can organize your own meetings, travel schedule and keep tabs on everyone else’s items in the convenient calendar.

The client manager is perfect for when you find yourself away from your computer but in need of a client’s phone number or email address. As long as you have any sort of device that can gain access to the internet you will be able to access that information from your project management software. It’s even easy to set everything up since the program contains dozens of pre-set templates for you to utilize if you are not computer savvy enough to create your own, or if you simply don’t have the time.

Inexpensive Project Management Software

ProTasker can be used for a low monthly cost, and you never have to worry about signing any sort of annual contract. It can fit easily into budgets and is a much cheaper option than finding new clients after losing others due to missed deadlines. If you are interested but not yet ready to make a commitment, ProTasker offers a free two-month trial of the program for all their clients. Just enter s few bits of contact information and you’ll instantly have access. You will not get billed until after the 60 day trial is completed, allowing you access to everything without the risk of unwanted charges showing up on your credit card statement.