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Let’s check out ProTasker’s Task Calendar feature. From the left navigation, click on Task Calendar. Here we’ll find a great calendar tool that allows Project Managers to schedule Tasks for completion in order to achieve Project milestones. Let’s take a look at how it works. From the left, you’ll see a list of all selected users. Now, as we populate the calendar, the person assigned to the task will have a color-coded point on the calendar. We’ll see this in [...] Read More »

Need to quickly communicate how important a Task is to a peer or member of your team? ProTasker does all that for you with Task Priority Levels. Check it out! Click on the Edit Account link and then Task Priority Levels from the left navigation. Here we see our preloaded priority levels. To change an existing level, click on the title and update the text. We can even change the color associated with the priority. Click Save and we’ll see [...] Read More »

Just like Project Status Definitions, ProTasker offers Task Statuses for individual Tasks within each Project. Let me show you how easy this is to use. Click on Edit Account in the top right, and then Task Status Definitions from the left navigation. Here, we’ll find all our preloaded statuses. Complete and In Progress are two statuses that cannot be changed and are native to all ProTasker accounts. You can, however, change the options available to these statuses. Let’s click on [...] Read More »

Ever wish you could automate processes within your company? ProTasker makes it simple with Task Templates. Let’s take a look. Click on Edit Account and then Task Templates. You’ll see our sample template that is pre-loaded with the application. Let’s dive in and edit this sample. Click Sample Task Template. Here we’ll see we can title our template and then add To-dD’s that are necessary each time this task is performed. We’ll call this task “Contact New Lead.” Now let’s [...] Read More »

ProTasker allows you to keep your data secure and customize the permissions you grant to all Admin users. Click on Edit Account and then User Access levels from the left to see our existing user levels. By default, ProTasker comes with Normal User, Project Manager, and Super Admin user levels. Let’s explore each. Click on Normal User to see permission types and settings. You’ll see that the normal user has the least amount of permissions, which may be ideal for [...] Read More »

Now that we have our Project Categories set up, let’s talk about Project Tags. If you haven’t set up your Project Categories, you should do that now. Project Tags are a great way to tag your ProTasker Projects with an identifier your business uses. I’ll show you how this function works and give you some examples. Click on Edit Account in the top right of your screen and then from the left, select Project Tags. Here we’ll find our current [...] Read More »

Project Status Definitions. Sounds complicated, but it’s simple. ProTasker lets you create customized statuses for all your projects. Let’s dive right in. Click on the Edit Account link in the top right of your screen and then click the Project Status Definitions link on the left. Here, we’ll find all our preloaded statuses, which we can change if we want by clicking on the status and updating the text in the form. You’ll see a green check next to in [...] Read More »

Now let’s say you have a lot of clients and no time to add each one individually. The good news is ProTasker will allow you to import the list of your clients using our nifty import feature. Chances are you have a list of your clients in some form, either through an Excel document or a client relationship management system. We’ve made it simple to take an exported list of your clients and upload them to your ProTasker system. Let’s [...] Read More »

Have you ever wished managing your client’s information was simpler? ProTasker allows you to put all of your clients in one location and manage all the information from the web. Click the Edit Account button in the top right of your screen to navigate to the Settings section. On the left, choose Manage Clients and we’re ready to get started. Here we’ll find a list of your clients along with the option to add new clients. ProTasker lets you add [...] Read More »

ProTasker makes it super simple to manage all of your account information in one space. When you click on the Edit Account button in the top right of any ProTasker screen, you’ll see all of the info you used to open your ProTasker account. You can edit this information at any time, and even change your primary account contact. ProTasker features the ability to brand the tool with your company logo. Click the Choose File button, select the company logo [...] Read More »

ProTasker makes it really simple to tag all of your projects by categories that you use everyday. We’ll use these categories later when it’s time to create Projects. Let’s show you how this works. Click on the Edit Account section in the top right of your screen and from the Settings navigation choose Project Categories. Here you’ll see all of your existing categories, as well as the option to add new items. Let’s start first by renaming the sample. Click [...] Read More »

The Admin Users section is where we put everything together. Since we’ve already set up our job titles and access levels, we’re ready to add our staff members and employees who will be using ProTasker. Click Edit Account in the top right of your screen and then click Admin Users on the left. Here we’ll see the person that set up the account. To update this person’s information, click their name. You can see we can update almost everything, including [...] Read More »

You’ve gone ahead and created Projects, so now it’s time to create the Tasks that complete our Projects. Let’s get down to it. From the Project Dashboard, click on a Project you’d like to add Tasks to. Here we’ll see quick details on the Project at the top. To edit or view these details, click the Project Title. To create new Tasks, click the Add New Task button on the right side of your screen. Here we’ll see a few [...] Read More »

ProTasker allows you to create new projects for easy time, task, and employee tracking. Let’s go ahead and check it out. To create a new project, click the Add A Project link in the left navigation or the main navigation of your screen. Here you’ll see a few bits of information to add prior to launching our project. Let’s add this one together. We’ll need a title for our project – we’ll call this one Client Presentation. Next, we’ll assign [...] Read More »

Hi, and welcome to ProTasker. You’ve taken a huge step in streamlining the processes of your company, which is going to make projects easier to complete, employee training a breeze, and your business more profitable. Allow me to show you around a bit. You’ve logged in and you’re at your Project Dashboard. It may look overwhelming but relax, it’s really simple. I’ll take you through step by step. You’re first step will be to click on Edit Settings in the [...] Read More »