4 of the Funniest Project Management Fails of All Time

Project management can make or break a business. When it is highly effective, companies as well as their goods and services will thrive. When it is inept, major deals can be lost and a business may only muddle along. 4 of the funniest project management fails of all time should make those in charge take heed to avoid the same problems and keep their company on track.

Web design is a vital part of advertising and promoting any business today what with the major impact the internet has had in reaching a global customer base. Imagine the catastrophic results when a project manager messes up web design for a client. One major goof that has happened in the past is not paying close enough attention to what is sent out to clients. Sending a corner-cutting, trimmed down web design intended for a potential client to an existing client who has already ordered the top of the line web design is a big time error. This could result in the loss of a customer who was committed in the beginning. When selecting a project manager to oversee web design, be sure to choose someone who is attentive to details and will not mix up clients.

Watch out for the project manager who acts like the class clown. Many a time inappropriate jokes have come out during a proposal to a potential client that can be a complete turn-off. For one thing, a professional manner is an absolute requirement. Clients are coming to spend their money and want to be ensured they are being taken seriously. Humor should be reserved for dealings within the office, not with clients.

Keeping documents clean is another issue that can often cause oversights. For instance, consider the project manager who leaves the project price cost on a functionality document to a freelance web developer which then results in overcharging. Never put prices on documents when a price needs to be negotiated.

One of the most hilarious errors made by project managers is miscommunication. How many times has someone misunderstood a client or hasn’t been concentrating? The result, going to a formal suit and tie occasion dressed as a rockstar who is ready to fall through the floor. Once again, a client will probably be lost over such careless mistakes. Paying attention, listening carefully and clarifying with questions is necessary for any top-notch project manager.

While these project management disasters may sound amusing, they are definitely no laughing matter when a company loses clients and the prospects for long-term financial relationships that are positive for all involved. The lesson to be learned: choose the individual to be project manager who is organized, focused and motivated.

Make sure it is someone who takes the job seriously. A person can be warm and outgoing without being a comedian. The project manager should take his or her cues from the client and read that person, reacting accordingly. Of utmost importance is knowing what the client wants and always delivering it with consistency.