Terms and Conditions

By visiting and signing up for a ProTasker account (hereafter mentioned as "service"), you are agreeing to be bound to ProTasker's (both application and website) Terms and Conditions. Your continued visitation to the website as well as your active ProTasker application bind you to these terms and conditions.

All free trial application and service users must provide their real first name and a valid email account to which they have access in order to retrieve their initial username and password for account authentication and access.

Free trials are active for the duration of 30 days from date of initial sign up, regardless of initial account access and authentication. Free trial consists of service usage without need for payment until after the Free Trial period has ended.

ProTasker, its employees, representatives, parent company, owner, or any other authorized agent (hereafter mentioned as ProTasker representatives) will not and cannot be held responsible for any information and/or materials added to and/or uploaded to the application that is deemed to be in poor taste or illegal in nature. Individuals who sign up for the service (hereafter mentioned as "account owners") are solely responsible for all content and materials entered and uploaded to the application, including content and materials entered and uploaded by other users under the account.

A valid credit card is required for application and service usage past the Free Trial period. ProTasker will bill the card provided on a monthly basis. Services are pre-paid in advance of the month for which service is provided by ProTasker. ProTasker does not offer refunds and no refunds or credits are awarded or provided for partial months of service. ProTasker reserves the right to restrict and/or cancel account access at any point for any reason. ProTasker reserves the right to suspend or cancel accounts should credit cards not be updated and the resulted effect is failed payments for the service. The account owner agrees to pay all local, state, and federal taxes associated with the purchase of this service.

Application owners agree to not use the service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose or activities. Account owners agree that by signing up for the service they or any account representative will not violate any laws, codes, or statutes with both the United States and/or the account owner's jurisdiction. This includes but is in no way limited to copyright laws.

ProTasker arranges for reasonable security measures in an effort to safeguard accounts and account passwords however account security and password security is the sole responsibility of service users. ProTasker will not and cannot be held responsible for account security breaches or issues, including any losses associated with said security breaches or issues.

Account owners and free trial users agree to and acknowledge that any and all data and materials entered into the service and application will be deleted upon Free Trial end, Free Trial cancellation, or paid service cancellation. No data backup is provided by ProTasker and no attempt to recover lost data can be made. It is the sole responsibility of the account owner and free trial user to ensure data is backed up prior to account cancellation.

Account cancellation must be made via the Setting section of the application by the account owner. Alternate requests for account cancellation will not be considered as valid requests (e.g. emails, posts via social media, phone calls, etc). Account cancellation, and all data removal resulting from account cancellation, takes effect immediately.

ProTasker and ProTasker representatives will not and cannot be held liable in any way for application usage issues, including but not limited to customer internet availability, server response, acts of God, or any other event that makes the service unavailable to its users. ProTasker users thrid parties to host the website and as such is not responsible for service interrupctions from third parties.

ProTasker reserves the right to make application and service functionality updates at any time without any advanced notification to application users or website visitors.

ProTasker reserves the right to update any and all parts of these Terms and Conditions at any time without any advanced notification to application users or website visitors. It is the responsibility of site users and/or application users to review the latest version of ProTasker's Terms and Conditions to ensure they agree with and can remain bound to these specifications.

ProTasker does not authorize any reproductions of the service, application, any of its features, or the website. This includes code, verbiage, HTML, CSS, or any other elements.

ProTasker provides technical support via email only. ProTasker cannot guarantee an immediate response to any support request or application update based on support requests.

ProTasker reserves the right to change monthly pricing for its service at any time without any advance notice to prospective and/or current users.