How Freelancers Stay Organized with the Help of Project Management Software

Freelance work is one of the fastest growing self-employment opportunities for people looking for something different other than your typical ‘nine to five’ work shift in an office building. However, staying organized with multiple projects and/or contracts can be a daunting challenge. Project management software is a program that is designed to help people such as freelance workers stay organized.

Freelancers that are just starting out in their business will appreciate software that is offered as a free trial. While some may require a credit card to activate the trial, in the one or two months that are offered, the freelancer can easily earn the affordable price that is required to keep the account active. Free trials of this type of software are an incredible boon to a freelancer that is just starting out and testing the market waters for their services. The software also gives that freelancer an advantage over other freelancers in the same field that are not using project management software. The advantages that freelancers will see immediately are not only in organization but also in the speed in which they can complete an assignment.

Different Applications of Project Management Software

Project management software is a program that allows freelancers to plan their projects. Planning can include, but is not limited to an outline, goals, timeline, associated costs, resource citation and review checklists. Project management software comes in different forms. Two of the most common types are Desktop applications, and online applications.

The desktop version is a more localized version. It’s usually downloaded and/or installed on a single computer for one person to use. These versions can come in office suite programs or standalone programs. While some cost a user a fee, others are free, but with limited features compared to the pay version counterparts.

The online version is designed for multiple users from different computers and/or locations to share the same project. This style can either be a desktop feature that uses a server or network to connect multiple computers or the software is web based where the user must enter a URL website address in order to retrieve the project. A benefit of this version is in case one’s computer should have technical issues, the project will still be available and not lost.

Templates and Project Management Software

New users may find a template builder that comes with some software helpful. Template builders will help one pick and choose what categories best suit the particular project at hand. Some even include a data entry section to enter project details for each category that was chosen. Templates make for great, on-the-fly project creation. The templates can even be used to generate new client files while speaking with the customer over the phone.

Most, if not all freelance workers will find the software most helpful in regards to completing a project on time, and to the client’s requirements.