I Need Project Management Software in My Life!

The Sad Tale of a Project Manager

Richard, a seasoned project manager, was given part of a large, complex project. Done properly, it would mean an appreciable boost in salary, plus a promotion. The project had a completion schedule of four weeks and a budget constraint of $1.2 million. He had ready access to a list of vendors from which to select the most economically feasible and whose times of delivery were reliable and accurate.

As he had done for over a decade, he sat down to plot out his project management time line, prepared his purchase requisitions lists and scheduling of the various components and kits needed from inventory and vendors. The paperwork for the project grew to more than one hundred spreadsheets, outlines, diagrams and copies. When it was time for the mid-project progress meeting, Richard walked into the conference room with his armload of paperwork.

The Other Way to Manage a Project

John, another seasoned project manager, also was given another segment of the same large project to manage. He walked into the project room with only his laptop computer in hand.

Compiling Project Progress Reports

When the General Manager called on Richard for his project progress report, Richard flipped through piles of project paperwork like a man possessed, searching for answers to questions. When it was John’s turn to report, he simply pointed, clicked and his project management software appeared on the screen.

Each module of the project management software contained every detail of his project in chronological order, as well as in order of priority. Using his laptop computer to transfer the data to a large video screen, his impressive display of his project information helped other inter-related project managers like Richard view and collect important project data connected to their parts in the project.

Completing the Project

Without project management software, the time involved in creating important project information and correspondence makes the job of project management harder, not necessarily smarter. In addition, this type of software keeps projects timely, cost-effective and organized. Most important, this software tracks each shipment, delivery and cost of goods purchased to complete projects in real time. Richard’s part of this complex project finished one day before the four week schedule. John’s part of the project was finished in two and a half weeks, well ahead of the completion date.

Final Project Reports

Richard spent one additional week gathering data from his paperwork to complete the final report. John had little more to do than print the final report from his project software in a few minutes. When time is money, the advantages of using comprehensive project software are clearly more than obvious. Today’s project management requires the very best in interactive project software. Project managers need all the help they can get to stay ahead of schedule in the most-cost-effective way. With access to software that acts as a daily project guide and timeline, a completed project can be used as the comparative basis for similar, future projects.