Project Management Software: Creating Team Unity

Project management software is often used to lead teams, pull teams together and ultimately, to synchronize all efforts to complete a goal. A good software has to be an amplifier of communication; a unifier of organizations and an energizer to the team(s).

A software application can be more than a cold tool. There are some types of software that, by their very nature, will always be impersonal tools. Payroll applications, for example, will never become warm and fuzzy software packages that create synergistic apertures for team bonding.

Project managers lead teams. Project management software helps project managers in their efforts to lead teams. If deployed properly the application can be used to help unify the project teams.

Meeting Your Objectives with Project Management Software

Clearly this type of software can be used to accomplish many objectives: Scheduling, resource management, cost control and more. In this article the focus will be the creation of team unity. This application lends itself to helping the leader of the team, the project manager, have the team work together.

Project management software requires inputs from multiple if not all team members at regular intervals. Outputs are viewed, reviewed and evaluated by team members regularly. Oftentimes outputs and inputs become feedback loops between different members of the team.

The Speed of Information Sharing with Project Management Software

Reports and documentation within the project management software are similarly used by the project manager and team members to determine status and get data that will help inform decisions down the road. Importantly, the application provides a mechanism to share information. This information sharing beyond being vital can be leveraged by the team leader to encourage the efforts of individual contributors.

The communication mechanisms, within which the project manager can acknowledge, encourage and unify the team, are available during the entire project life cycle. These mechanisms can and should be leveraged to maximize this benefit of the project management software. This application can energize an organization and unify it at the same time.

The Tools of the Trade

Project managers use many tools and techniques to create strong teams. Individual one on one meetings, team meetings, transmittals, written communications, acknowledging work, reinforcing positive feedback and the list goes on. An advantage of this type of software is that it inherently contains additional tools that can be employed to unify the team. The application has the added advantage of automatically distributing communications to defined lists of stakeholders.

The communication features, through shared documentation, enhances the arsenal of tools available to the project manager. The utility of this is appreciated when we appreciate that each and every team member is different and how they motivated varies as well. This is why the software is oftentimes used project managers to strengthen their teams.