OK, I Guess I’m the Project Manager Too

Did you have an amazing an idea for a business and brought it to life? Then you’ll agree that there’s one good thing that has come out of this rough economic environment and that has been a stirring of creativity in the minds of entrepreneurs. New businesses are forming to meet the modified demands of this new business environment; inexpensive products and services delivered faster than ever before.

Now that your business is up and running and you have a steady base of clients, you are probably starting to see that not only are you the owner and operator of a successful business, but you are also the project manager. With so much of a crunch on your time, you are probably already looking for a solution to keep those clients you have won over while also having a life of your own.

Project Management Software – Reclaim Your Time

If you have had that nightmare about missing a shipment or have ever felt stress about not meeting a business promise, then what you need is versatile project management software.

Are you managing your projects, client deadlines and employees from a spreadsheet program? Managing your company’s time and resources with a spreadsheet mentality will hold your company back. Plain and simple, spreadsheets are for tracking financial data, not managing delivery dates, employee efficiency and tasking. You’ll need to fix this quickly and seamlessly and the way to do that is with project management software that integrates with your existing processes while also improving them.

The Cost of Doing Business

Project management is simply a cost of doing business and the way that a small company can save profits is by streamlining their process with ProTasker.

Collaboration, reporting, organization of projects and all in one powerful software; ProTasker is the best solution for the small business owner trying to do it all on their own. Project management software adds the tools that the entrepreneur needs to manage their business like they are 5 people instead of one. Need a way to delegate to employees overseas or in the next room?

A sixty day free trial of ProTasker could show you what has been missing – solid project management tools. Achieving success is one accomplishment, but sustaining that success as your business grows will require the bending of time. No mere mortal could manage this feat on their own (and you shouldn’t have to). That’s why there is powerful software like ProTasker; it makes bending time to your will something that is in your control.

Building your business and taking it to new heights is happening, but to get to the next level your process will require more than just discipline and hard work. It will require simplifying the process, organizing your projects and still being able to deliver the very best to your customers. With ProTasker’s time saving software, your workload will be reduced allowing you to focus on making the transition to the next level of your business.