Online Collaboration Tools and Software

Whether your needs are for a software that can aid in coordinating local projects or online collaboration tools that will bring all-participants in a project to the same location, there is a large list of software and online collaborative tools available. Naturally, as the needs of a client’s project management may vary in the scope of human interaction as well as file sizes, there are several sites that offer different size plans, starting with 10 people and expanding to allow for unlimited human interaction. On the lower end, the file storage space is 500MB while on the higher end, the storage is 20GB. The plans are reasonably priced to fit the needs of the client.

Many of these tools are offered in 30-day free trials. The client does not have to sign up using their credit card to try out the system. These systems integrate time tracking, task coordination, budgets, deadlines, and much more.

Finding management software and collaboration software doesn’t have to be difficult. There are some great software solutions that incorporate everything that a project manager needs all in one place. When searching for the right software for your business, make sure to get one that works on the web, includes PM templates and is priced within your budget.

The online collaboration tools are fully interactive systems that allow the client to use real-time document changes and editing. Whiteboards allow the clients project to coordinate using visual drawing and interaction across a wide network of participants. It also includes Group Chat, Document Sharing, and Event Notification. The project management coordinates allowing for most file types to be shared.

Project management software allows for user assignments, task group and types, task status, task priorities, project costs, and marked projects. The user assignment portions of these online collaboration tools ensure that each level is addressed so that the participants have only the information they need to proceed on their end. Marked projects gives a specific need for some projects—based on the need for expediency—to be placed ahead of other projects.

Task Management Solutions and Online Collaboration Tools

Task management solutions place the files in “waiting,” “in progress” or “complete” status allowing the participants to know where they are in a project. The task priority file labels the project as “urgent,” “normal,” or so-forth. The task group and types divide the projects into separate arenas for more decisive management and coordination.

Other collaboration tools that are offered through software tools are email, task tracking, and complete files from interactive chat across the network of people working on the project. This will aid in keeping all individuals advised of the project status and changes even if some people are not able to log-on during different phases of the project. Regardless of project size, human interaction, or collaborative costs, there are online collaboration tools to meet every companies need.