Project Management Software Developed for the End User

There are many tools that are used by project management software that are exclusive to these types of programs. Most of these are some kind of task list as well as messaging software and calendar tools. Each project management software company has their own take on what a feature should be, but they all use the same sort of basic concept. This makes for easy use to switching from the one that you are used to the new one that is integrated into the software.

Calendar Tools

Calendar tools are the perfect example of this. Obviously the days of the week and the months of the year are pretty static, but other things like adding multiple tasks to a single day and assigning certain colors to differentiate between them is becoming more standard as well. Some software programs allow you to customize alerts to go along with these events. These alerts can be viewed by either just the person who entered them, or whomever they involve. By inviting or tagging individuals or departments in deadlines, meetings and the like you can set up meetings months or even weeks in advance. You won’t even have to worry about notifying the individuals involved or worry about forgetting someone in the process.


Messaging also hasn’t changed very much since it was first introduced back in the 1990’s. No matter what project software management program you choose to use there will probably be some kind of messaging option. For those that use an instant messaging option you can choose who you want to chat with, and provided they are currently available you can start chatting instantly. You should be able to change your availability and may also be able to provide an away message when applicable. Messaging is a quick and easy way to ask a fellow co-worker a question when you are unable to leave your workspace due to time constraints or because you are on the phone or expecting a call.

Project Management Software Documentation Tools

Documentation tools may vary slightly and are often more complex than a standard word document. They will usually require you to fill out a variety of fields so that it can accurately file the information in the correct area. For instance, if you are making notes about the Smith account, you will want this information available to be viewed when looking at anything have to do with the Smith account. If you don’t fill in these fields it will still get saved but in a more general area. Places like these often take intense sifting before you are able to find what you are looking for; a time consuming task that very few offices have the time for.

Project management software is designed to make your business run more smoothly, and in doing so it needs to be very user-friendly. That is why most of these programs use some of the same tools and features as other programs that are already used on a daily basis. That way the transition to the new program is virtually seamless and there is little to no training necessary to get everyone on the right track.