Project Management Software for Overseas Employees

There are two places in the world that are hot right now for outsourcing data projects and those are the Philippines and India. When projects are coming your way and your project team is composed of local, regional and overseas employees, then email alone will not suffice. Document tracking, employee scheduling and task monitoring are functions that require project management software. Department budgetary constraints often make it difficult to win a case for project management software which is why so many project managers have to make due with what they company already has.

Presenting the Case for Project Management Software

Regardless of how much cost savings that will be generated in terms of time and profits; most department heads will need proof before opening the coffers for new software. Most often another issue that holds back the acquisition of new project management software is lengthy contracts. The two points can be addressed with ProTasker and their sixty-day free trial. ProTasker’s trial is project ready, so two months of data on time savings, cost savings and project results can be compiled and demonstrated in a pitch to the department head.

Obviously, when compared to competitor project management software, ProTasker is in front because of their low pricing and no yearly contracts. Furthermore, ProTasker is designed with everyone in mind, not just the project manager. Hence, training employees and sub-contractors in the use of ProTasker can be handled in a ten minute presentation. Quick training gets everyone on board with your project immediately, even if employees on your team are new hires and working their first day.

Managing Sub-Contractors

Not all project management software can handle projects that utilize overseas sub-contractors and employees. ProTasker is one of the few programs that were designed with multiple project configurations in mind. ProTasker can be viewed over the internet, uses email notifications when tasks are assigned and with the pre-made templates, even a novice overseas coordinator can activate a project in under ten minutes. Collaboration with multiple teams is simple to manage with ProTasker’s impressive user security features. These features are ideal for creating generic user security profiles or those specifically designed by the project manager for sub-contractors. The project status features in ProTasker are also a great benefit because it keeps everyone in the know and that includes the project manager, team leads and even the CEO, which can cuts down on reporting requirements (huge time-saver).

Project Management Software – Customized

New projects are being added everyday and keeping track of resources, task completion and overseas sub-contractors can at times seem impossible. This is especially true if the project managers are not given the right tools like ProTasker. If your department is currently under budget constraints, but you desperately need the right project management software to handle the increase in responsibilities and workflow, then try out ProTasker for sixty days. Deployment is simple, the results can be proven and the price is right to make a case for bringing in ProTasker to your company.