Project Management Software Misconceptions

One misconception that businesses often believe is that project management software should be used whenever possible. While this can be true if your company is constantly juggling a laundry list of projects and deadlines, this is not so much the case if you have just one or two projects. While it can certainly still be used to manage a smaller amount, it is not recommended by most software companies.

If you find your projects have slowed down considerably, to a trickle from a flood, then you should start focusing your efforts and budget elsewhere temporarily. It is just as easy, if not easier, to take all of the data and information that would be entered into the program and put it instead into a spreadsheet or word document. This way you still have access to all the information that is necessary but don’t have to go through the tedious task of entering multiple fields of data that would take up a large chunk of your day.

Month to Month with Project Management Software Services

When business slows, as it does for all companies no matter the size, it is important to re-focus your budget to make sure you have enough money for the busier times. Project management software companies understand this, and that is why many of them offer month-to-month services. There are some companies that will have you sign an annual contract. If you are sure that you will need their services throughout the year, or at least for such a large majority that you could justify the cost then go for it. Otherwise keep looking until you can find a project management software that has all of the services that you need but will allow you to choose when you use it and when you won’t.

Project Management Software and Its Full Potential

If you are still thinking about using the project management software for your minor projects think of all that is entailed to use the software to its fullest potential. You will have to input all the data for the project, the estimated cost, a list of materials needed, their availability and how much they are. If it is a new client you will have to enter all of the company information in as well, and then there is the scheduling software that will have to be updated with the deadlines as well. After you complete all of this information, and possibly some more details depending on the program, only then can you go ahead and start work on the project itself.

Otherwise you can open a spreadsheet, word document or other preferred method of note taking; it can even be pen and paper and put down all of the pertinent information. An event reminder can be set up in your company’s email calendar, and you can use a simple calculator for all of the estimates and figures. It will take much less time, leaving more of your energy to focus on the project itself.

If your worry is about losing all of the information you have already painstakingly entered into the project management software while it is not in use, fear not. Most times your very own server in your company’s building is being used to store the data. The money you pay each month is for the service itself that is currently being used, not what was used in the past.