The Quest for the Best Project Management Software Solutions

Large corporations stay in business during tough economic times by making hard choices and requiring sacrifice from their employees. In the case of the company that I work for, that meant losing three departments in our local branch and me taking on the responsibilities left over by that gap. I remember the meeting; it was the director and me and I had already decided that I was getting fired. She told me that I would be taking on more responsibilities and taking on the responsibilities of a project manager on top of my existing duties.

Why Do I have to be the Go to Guy?

I’m young, I’m a go-getter and the go to guy, but wow – three full-time jobs wrapped into one and bringing in the same paycheck? There were two major projects that she had in the works and she didn’t want to see either of them fail, so I understood that if I could pull off this juggling routine without a hitch that I would be the golden boy. That’s when I went back to my desk and Google’d project management software.

I was given a week to finish up some of my core job responsibilities, so in my free-time, which is an hour where I should be having lunch, I tested out project management software. I found that a lot of the software being offered didn’t have enough users for the right price and then others did, but didn’t support multiple projects. The project management software that I instantly rejected were the ones without user security profile creation. It’s no good to me if I can’t delegate duties while not filtering admin level features.

Desperately Seeking Project Management Software

In my search I finally located smart project management software that was designed for someone in my situation (overworked, over-tasked and in need of some help). ProTasker had all of the features that I was going to need to handle multiple projects right from my desk while still attending to my core functions. I used ProTasker with their sixty day free trial and it helped me to keep everything manageable. One project was completed and the other was a continuing project. I had to make a decision at that point. Would I go to the director and ask for money to purchase ProTasker or would I go into my own pocket. I don’t suggest doing what I did, but I went into my own pocket for one simple fact; ProTasker made me look good. I wouldn’t have been able to afford ProTasker if it wasn’t for their low monthly pricing and no contract requirement. Plus, with unlimited projects, unlimited storage and users, I saw the cost as an investment in my career.

The Situation, the Solution

Everyone’s situation is going to be different right now, but if you have had a ton of new responsibilities dumped in your lap because of “right-sizing”, then you’ll need a competitive edge like the one ProTasker delivers. Competitor project management software doesn’t stand up to everything that ProTasker offers. Hopefully, you’ll make it through these rough times like I am and I hope that your search for project management software leads you to prosperity and an occasional day off.