Sticky Notes or Task Management Software?

Sticky notes are one of the greatest office inventions of the 20th century, but when it comes to organizing anything they can become more of a hassle and clutter issue than being helpful. Even for the most organized person, color-coded systems and sticky notes just don’t hold up. They can lose their stickiness and fall behind the desk, or may get ‘filed’ incorrectly, resulting in a mad dash to figure out the correct order or how the project is supposed to go. Instead of trying to keep up with this method you should look into task management software.

This stuff was designed to eliminate the clutter and confusion often created by multiple notes left all over your desk and put it into one neat and tidy little computer program. These programs can help keep you on track, advise you of what materials you need and how much they cost, what your budget is and what is left, and where all the money has gone plus so much more! They have truly become a lifesaver for many offices, particularly those that are trying to keep tabs on multiple projects simultaneously.

A good task management software program will have been developed by a software engineer who knows what it’s like to be unorganized and how to change that simply and easily. It also needs to be very simple to use and clean cut. Too many instructions or options at once be way too overwhelming for someone who is trying to get organized and normally isn’t. Once they get the hang of it you can introduce more options, but before that, forget it!

The Function of Task Management Software

As long as you go slowly and make sure that everyone understands the function of the program you’ll be amazed at how much more efficient everyone is and how fewer complaints there are. You may also find a surplus of office supplies, like pens and sticky notes, since they aren’t being used to log every detail of every project. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of sticky notes, and they are great to jot down reminders and such, but not so great for organizing.

Task management software, on the other hand, can singlehandedly change everyday operations in many businesses. Not only will it allow them to improve how they are treating current clients, but by being more organized may also allow them to take on new ones, thus increasing revenue. If you think that this would truly benefit the way things are run in your office then don’t hesitate to speak to your supervisor about it. The worst thing they can do is say no, and the likelihood of that happening is pretty slim. Companies generally don’t set themselves up for failure, and if you are offering a cheap, affordable solution for an ongoing problem then it’s kind of a no-brainer. You may need to do some research into affordable companies so you have some data to back up your idea. It never hurts and only takes a minute!