Still Handwriting Your Project Notes? Get Project Management Software

Project management is a necessity for any company that has any number of ongoing projects. While some smaller companies may be able to handle this without the use of technology, others may prefer to use one of the many project management software packages that are currently available on the market.

Big Company Solutions, Small Company Pricing

ProTasker is project management software that is accessible via the web and while it is for any sized-business, it is priced with the small business owner in mind. ProTasker helps you to easily organize everything that is going on in your office, right down to the smallest detail.

These types of software make it easy to figure out who is working on what project at a quick glance. Some offer you the space to fill in such details like how long the project has been going on, when it’s due, and how much time has been dedicated to it and by whom.

Solid project management software, like ProTasker, also allows you to input your budget for the project and break it down for all of the necessary materials. There are places where you can make notes about specific details or just jot down a few ideas that you think are relevant to the task at hand.

Ditch Those Handwritten Notes

ProTasker project management software is a necessary tool for any department head that needs a little help keeping everything organized, or just prefers to use current technology to do so as a backup to all of their handwritten notes.

ProTasker also offers low monthly fees for their services, and never requires you to sign any sort of annual contract. It is not uncommon for businesses to experience high volumes of projects throughout the year and they tend to all happen around the same time, making this type of program essential for keeping everything running smoothly and keeping up with all of the deadlines.

Templates? Yes Please.

The pre-set templates make it fast and easy to get your to-do lists created quickly and easily, and are a great way to save time and energy that can be better focused on the projects themselves. Email reminders help you stay on track without having to open up any additional programs. The smart-software technology that ProTasker uses recognizes different patterns in the amount of time a certain project takes as well as how often it shows up. It will then automatically suggest the amount of time it takes and other project details, similar to an auto-fill feature that most computers already contain.

The step-by-step setup is quick and easy and makes entering new projects even easier than you would think. It directs you to each step and walks you through them ensuring that they are set up correctly and effectively every time. Making adjustments to projects that are currently in the system is extremely easy to do as well.