Adding a Project Tutorial

ProTasker allows you to create new projects for easy time, task, and employee tracking. Let’s go ahead and check it out.

To create a new project, click the Add A Project link in the left navigation or the main navigation of your screen. Here you’ll see a few bits of information to add prior to launching our project. Let’s add this one together.

We’ll need a title for our project – we’ll call this one Client Presentation. Next, we’ll assign the client that this is for. We’ll click our drop down and select our client. Then we’ll select our client contact – the person at our client’s company who will be in contact with us for this project. Finally, we’ll choose a project manager from our own company to head this presentation for our client.

Step 3 is optional, but we’ll fill it out now. If you decide to skip step three, you can always add this information later. We’ll choose a project due date, a project category, and a project tag.

The last thing we see before saving our project is a notes and memo field. This is an optional field that can contain miscellaneous project notes and is viewable only by ProTasker users. For now, we’ll skip this and scroll down to the bottom where we save our project.

To see our project, click the Project Dashboard section from the top navigation and then click the project we want to view. You can see by clicking the title we can update our information easily.

ProTasker projects house all of the project tasks and make completing the assignment a breeze. We’ll show you how to create tasks in the Task tutorial.