Admin Users Tutorial

The Admin Users section is where we put everything together. Since we’ve already set up our job titles and access levels, we’re ready to add our staff members and employees who will be using ProTasker.

Click Edit Account in the top right of your screen and then click Admin Users on the left. Here we’ll see the person that set up the account. To update this person’s information, click their name. You can see we can update almost everything, including their password. We can even assign a new user job title, or change the color coding on the person. Click Save and we’re done.

Adding new Admin users is simple. Click Add New and we’ll see our form. Let’s add one together. We’ll call this person Phillip Taylor. We’ll enter their email, assign a color (I like green), add their phone, we’ll skip fax, enter a username and then a password – this is what they’ll use to login, select their access level, and then assign job titles and task roles. Click Save and this person has been added.

Now, let’s talk about when an employee leaves a company. Let’s say Phillip here has retired after many years of loyal service. To remove the employee, simply click their name and then hit the Delete button. Here you’ll see that ProTasker wants to make sure that any outstanding projects don’t get lost in the shuffle, so you can reassign all of this person’s Projects and Tasks to another active user, making the transition seamless.