Edit Account, Logo, FTP Tutorial

ProTasker makes it super simple to manage all of your account information in one space. When you click on the Edit Account button in the top right of any ProTasker screen, you’ll see all of the info you used to open your ProTasker account. You can edit this information at any time, and even change your primary account contact.

ProTasker features the ability to brand the tool with your company logo. Click the Choose File button, select the company logo from your computer, and click the Open button. Once you click Save your logo will appear.

But before we save this section I want to show you the Remote File Storage feature. This is a beautiful feature that allows all ProTasker users to share files through Projects. Once you enter your FTP info, ProTasker will connect with and store files directly to your web server. Enter your FTP host address, specify a directory, enter your username and password, and then add the full file URL with the directory you entered. You can even test the connection to make sure everything is entered correctly.

If you don’t know what FTP means, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Simply contact your web server administrator or IT department and they can get you all set up.

Once you click Save, you’ll see your company logo appear. It’s that simple.