Manage Clients – Add New Tutorial

Have you ever wished managing your client’s information was simpler? ProTasker allows you to put all of your clients in one location and manage all the information from the web.

Click the Edit Account button in the top right of your screen to navigate to the Settings section. On the left, choose Manage Clients and we’re ready to get started.

Here we’ll find a list of your clients along with the option to add new clients. ProTasker lets you add clients in two simple ways. You can either add single clients one at a time through the Add New button, or you can add multiple clients through the import feature. I’ll show you the import feature in a moment, but first, let’s add a new client together.

Click the add new button and start filling out the company info form. For this example, we’ll use ABC company, enter an address add our town, select the state from the drop down, and add the zip code.

We’ll see that ProTasker has included a client notes and comments section. This is for your company admins to view additional information about the client.

We’ll scroll down to find the primary contact info for the company – you can always add additional contacts later, but for now, let’s enter in our primary. We’ll add a first name, last name, title, phone, and email. You can add an alternate phone or fax if you’d like.

We’ll see a check box that activates or deactivates the client. If you uncheck the box, the client will be added but you won’t be able to assign any work to them through your Dashboard. So we’ll keep the box checked and click Save.

Now, if we want to add another contact to the client, simply click on the client name and then click on View All Contacts. Here we’ll see the primary contact associated with the client. Click on Add New on the right and you can associate another contact with this client. After we finish adding all their information, click the Save button and we’re good to go.

Alright we’re all set. We’ve added the client and can see their pertinent info from this screen, name, phone, and even email if we want to email them directly. It’s really simple to add new clients as needed through this feature.