Manage Clients – Import Tutorial

Now let’s say you have a lot of clients and no time to add each one individually. The good news is ProTasker will allow you to import the list of your clients using our nifty import feature.

Chances are you have a list of your clients in some form, either through an Excel document or a client relationship management system. We’ve made it simple to take an exported list of your clients and upload them to your ProTasker system. Let’s get started.

From the Manage Clients section, click on the Import button. Here you’ll find a link to download the Client Import Template, which is simply a CSV file formatted for our upload specs.

Once you download the file, open it up – you’ll see all the information you have to enter. We’ve gone ahead and prepared a sample document – you can see we’ve added basic company information for sample clients.

Navigate back to ProTasker and click the Choose File button. From the dialog box, find your complete Client Import Template file, select it, and click Open. Now simply click the Import Clients button, and ProTasker takes care of the rest. You’ll see here we’ve added multiple clients all in one shot.