Project Categories Tutorial

ProTasker makes it really simple to tag all of your projects by categories that you use everyday. We’ll use these categories later when it’s time to create Projects. Let’s show you how this works.

Click on the Edit Account section in the top right of your screen and from the Settings navigation choose Project Categories.

Here you’ll see all of your existing categories, as well as the option to add new items.

Let’s start first by renaming the sample. Click on Sample Category to show the edit field. We’ll rename the sample to Website Design, make sure the Active Box is checked, and then click Save.

Adding new categories is just as simple – let’s add a few now. Click the Add New button to bring up our form. You may be a mortgage representative and need a category like “Home Refinance.”

Or let’s say you’re a manufacturer of power equipment, so you might use a category like “Circuit Breaker Fabrication.”

Whatever your business is, ProTasker’s Project Categories function makes it easy to keep all your Projects nice and organized.