Project Status Definitions Tutorial

Project Status Definitions. Sounds complicated, but it’s simple. ProTasker lets you create customized statuses for all your projects. Let’s dive right in.

Click on the Edit Account link in the top right of your screen and then click the Project Status Definitions link on the left.

Here, we’ll find all our preloaded statuses, which we can change if we want by clicking on the status and updating the text in the form.

You’ll see a green check next to in Progress. This means that, by default, all new projects will be set to the status of “In Progress.” To change the default, simply click on a Status Title, click the Default Box, and click Save.

To add new statuses, click the Add New button. Our form will appear and allow us to create new statuses for our projects. You may want to add a status like Under Client Review, or To Be Invoiced.

ProTasker’s Project Status Definitions functionality let you streamline the project process and increase your offices efficiency.