Project Tags Tutorial

Now that we have our Project Categories set up, let’s talk about Project Tags. If you haven’t set up your Project Categories, you should do that now.

Project Tags are a great way to tag your ProTasker Projects with an identifier your business uses. I’ll show you how this function works and give you some examples.

Click on Edit Account in the top right of your screen and then from the left, select Project Tags.

Here we’ll find our current Tags as well as a way to add new Tags.

Let’s start by updating the existing sample. Click on Sample Project Tag and we’ll rename this to a tag you might use in your business, like “Billable.” When we click Save we see the change has taken effect.

To add new Tags, simply click the Add New button. Let’s add a few now.

We’ll add a Tag that’s called Maintenance if you’re company offers maintenance contracts.

Or let’s say your company offers Pro Bono work, we’ll make a tag for that Project type.

ProTasker’s Project Tags are a great way to narrow down your company’s categories to keep all of your Projects running smoothly and well-organized.