Task Calendar Tutorial

Let’s check out ProTasker’s Task Calendar feature. From the left navigation, click on Task Calendar.

Here we’ll find a great calendar tool that allows Project Managers to schedule Tasks for completion in order to achieve Project milestones. Let’s take a look at how it works.

From the left, you’ll see a list of all selected users. Now, as we populate the calendar, the person assigned to the task will have a color-coded point on the calendar. We’ll see this in a few moments.

Below, we’ll see a list of all unscheduled Tasks as well as a list of project managers. You’ll notice a number next to the project manager’s name – this number represents the tasks that need to be scheduled by the project manager. Let’s click Helen’s “3.”

Here we see a drop down where we can select the Tasks that need to be scheduled. Let’s select the first Task and then assign a start and end date, start time and end time, and then we’ll assign this Task to a user. When we click Save, we’ll see our Calendar has been populated with a pink block of time, which is associated with Javier. Javier can login to the calendar to see what needs to be completed at what time of the day.

We can even drag the Task that is scheduled to another time block on the Calendar for easy moving.

If a user wants to learn more about the Task they are assigned to, they simply click the time block and then select the Go to Project Page link, which allows them to learn more about their Task that is assigned. Let’s go back to the calendar to see more features.

The Calendar is simple to scroll through. At the top left of the Calendar, we’ll see arrows that allow us to advance based on the view selected from the left. In this case, we’ve selected the week view. Click the forward arrow to jump ahead one week and see our schedule. To return to today, click the Today button.

We can also schedule Tasks directly from the Task view page. To do this, click on the Project Dashboard link in the top or left navigation. Then click on a Project with a Task that needs to be scheduled.

Click the Task that needs to be scheduled and scroll down to view the Scheduled Time feature at the bottom of the Task page. Here we can click on Schedule New Time Block, and we’ll see a similar dialog box to the one in the Calendar. Enter a start date, end date, start time, end time, and then assign the user to the Task. Click Save and we’re all set. We can navigate back to the Calendar see our assigned Tasks for the day.

ProTasker’s Task Calendar streamlines the scheduling efforts of any company makes Projects more profitable by reducing turnaround time.