Task Status Definitions Tutorial

Just like Project Status Definitions, ProTasker offers Task Statuses for individual Tasks within each Project. Let me show you how easy this is to use.

Click on Edit Account in the top right, and then Task Status Definitions from the left navigation.

Here, we’ll find all our preloaded statuses. Complete and In Progress are two statuses that cannot be changed and are native to all ProTasker accounts. You can, however, change the options available to these statuses.

Let’s click on Complete to see what we have. You’ll see that by default this status is selectable by Project Managers only. You can uncheck this option, or enable other options by checking the corresponding boxes. When complete, click Save and we’re all set.

You’ll see a green check next to In Progress. This means that, by default, all new Projects will be set to the status of “In Progress.” To change the default, simply click on a Status Title, click the Default box, and click Save.

To add new statuses, click the Add New button. Our form will appear and allow us to create new statuses for our Projects. You could use statuses like “Under Attorney Review” or “Pending Presentation.”

Keeping the Tasks and Projects streamlined with statuses is how ProTasker makes project management easy.