Task Templates Tutorial

Ever wish you could automate processes within your company? ProTasker makes it simple with Task Templates. Let’s take a look.

Click on Edit Account and then Task Templates. You’ll see our sample template that is pre-loaded with the application. Let’s dive in and edit this sample.

Click Sample Task Template. Here we’ll see we can title our template and then add To-dD’s that are necessary each time this task is performed.

We’ll call this task “Contact New Lead.” Now let’s add some To-Do’s. We’ll say first that we want employees to call the new lead. Then we’ll ask them to send the lead an email. Let’s also make our staff send the lead a hand written note. We can click the Add To-Do button to add more To-Do’s. Let’s click it and add our lead to the CRM. Let’s add one more – schedule a follow up call.

Click Save and we’re all set. We can now select this template when creating new Tasks in our Projects. This will not only save time when assigning Tasks to employees, but also streamline the training process and clearly display employee responsibilities.