User Access Levels Tutorial

ProTasker allows you to keep your data secure and customize the permissions you grant to all Admin users. Click on Edit Account and then User Access levels from the left to see our existing user levels.

By default, ProTasker comes with Normal User, Project Manager, and Super Admin user levels. Let’s explore each.

Click on Normal User to see permission types and settings. You’ll see that the normal user has the least amount of permissions, which may be ideal for interns and production staff members. By default, the normal user can Create New Tasks and Edit Existing Tasks, however if you would like to grant normal users more access, simply click the correlating box. Let’s say we would also like the normal users to be able to create new Projects. We simply click the box and hit Save. To restrict this access in the future, simply click the User tTtle, uncheck the box, and click Save.

Let’s check out the Project Manager user level. Click Project Manager to see a great amount of permissions set. Project Managers by default have the ability to access and manage more of ProTasker, letting them manage production employees. Again, in order to change the default access levels, simply check or uncheck any box and click Save.

Let’s check out Super Admin. Super Admins are able to do everything within ProTasker. It’s a good idea to limit the amount of super admins you have in order to keep drastic changes to a minimum. Again, uncheck any of the boxes you’d like to customize the user level and click Save.

You can also create custom user levels. Click the Add New button to bring up our form. We’ll call this user level Second Level Access. Now we can customize the permissions – we’ll check the Manage Projects, Create New Projects, Create New Tasks and Edit Existing Tasks buttons and click Save.

Customizable user levels allow you to completely control the administrative user experience through ProTasker while giving employees the appropriate access to the application based on their job responsibilities.